Some love stories are better finite 1

Episode 1

Are all love stories ‘Forever’???

She was possibly the first person I had a crush on!!! I would always have my eyes at the door to see if she passes by. I would wait for that one lecture in the whole week where I could see her for 30 minutes straight. She was married and pregnant too but as if that would bother me. My love for her was true. So finally one fine week I decide to tell her about my true feelings!! Bell rings. Next was her lecture. I could feel my heartbeat in my kidney too. Gathering all the courage during the lecture I confidently stand, straighten my tie, and say “Maam”. The whole class is quite, everybody is looking at me and she turns and says ” Yes” to which I start murmuring,
“I…. I…… I….. waaan ted to say this frommm mmm a ummm very long time that that ” interrupting which she says “Speak Clearly Dear” . The bell rings. It was break time. Nothing so unusual about it There was noise all around . Closing books. Opening tiffins. She walked out. And my hopes crashed.

10 years later…..
Conducting a extra lecture for a student who missed it. During the lecture l heard a voice “Sir” ; I turned around and said “Yes” to which she responds ” I…. I…. I waanted umm umm to say..”
Bell rings. Her mother waiting across the door says “Speak Clearly Dear”

Some love stories are better “finite”


Some love stories are better finite 2


Some Love Stories Are Better Finite

Episode 2

It was a usual messy morning!! Making breakfast , packing tiffins!!! Sipping his coffee and reading newspaper my husband said “this is ridiculous!! How could a man do this?? Is he not human???” Looking at the paper he continued, ” But i am glad, he got his punishment. ”
Listening to all this, I was completely puzzled. Narrating the incident given in newspaper he said how a man tried raping a mom and her daughter. But they managed to escape. And then the man was made to roam naked around the city and now is in jail!!

Jail….Morning schools were really like going to jail. From 8th standard we had morning schools. It was my 1st day of 8std and i almost managed to reach school before 2 mins the bell would ring!! In rush, while going upstairs, i dashed into a senior. He walked away. But His folded sleeves, messed up hair, tall height made me standing there lost for next 2 mins until the bell rang and my life became normal!! That day i was scolded a lot for being late but that day eveything seemed nice!! The whole year i tried talking to him but simply couldn’t and missed every chance!! Finally it was time for class 10th students farewell and probably my last chance to tell him about my feelings!! That evening Farewell got over!! I walked upto him!! He looked at me and i said ” Hi!! I think I love you”
He looked at his friends and all of them started laughing. My heart was broken and i went home crying.

Sipping my coffee, I peeped into the newspaper to see the picture of that man. I couldn’t control laughing. My husband asked, “What happened?”

I hugged him and said “Some love stories are better finite”