Some love stories are better finite 1

Episode 1

Are all love stories ‘Forever’???

She was possibly the first person I had a crush on!!! I would always have my eyes at the door to see if she passes by. I would wait for that one lecture in the whole week where I could see her for 30 minutes straight. She was married and pregnant too but as if that would bother me. My love for her was true. So finally one fine week I decide to tell her about my true feelings!! Bell rings. Next was her lecture. I could feel my heartbeat in my kidney too. Gathering all the courage during the lecture I confidently stand, straighten my tie, and say “Maam”. The whole class is quite, everybody is looking at me and she turns and says ” Yes” to which I start murmuring,
“I…. I…… I….. waaan ted to say this frommm mmm a ummm very long time that that ” interrupting which she says “Speak Clearly Dear” . The bell rings. It was break time. Nothing so unusual about it There was noise all around . Closing books. Opening tiffins. She walked out. And my hopes crashed.

10 years later…..
Conducting a extra lecture for a student who missed it. During the lecture l heard a voice “Sir” ; I turned around and said “Yes” to which she responds ” I…. I…. I waanted umm umm to say..”
Bell rings. Her mother waiting across the door says “Speak Clearly Dear”

Some love stories are better “finite”


Some Love Stories Are Better Finite 3

Some Love Stories Are Better Finite


There were girls clicking selfies, couples romancing and boys watching T20 finals. The hotel had a great ambience.I looked at the clock there, it was 5:30 pm. Read through our chats. We were to meet at 5. She was late; much expected.
Waiting for my friend, I ordered for a Virgin Pina Colada. There were two glasses on the counter. While i picked one, there was another hand taking the other. Turning my head right, there was this strong tall man, looking dapper in his black suit, hair well set. His chiseled jawline and deep brown eyes had a swarm of butterflies in my stomach.

Undoubtedly I couldn’t stop thinking about him.
And the Heart-Mind debate started.

“He looks so charming with that he ordered a Virgin Pina Colada so possibly even he could be a teetotaller too.”

“How silly!! And desperate too”.

His visiting card accidentally fell through his pocket. I couldnt resist myself and slowly bending my neck back tried reading it. And he turned out to be a director in nation’s top IT company.

“Oh my god, is he real? Do such guys really exist?He looks good , is rich and a teetotaller what more could i ask for. Think how amazing will our babies be”.

“You better pump blood. Thinking is my job”

“Ohh Please, I have to talk to him, but how do i start??”

“Well you already are desperate and if you do anything such, you would start looking like one too. He is a guy and he is supposed to start the conversation”

“Come on, are u serious?”

“Very much. Till the time i have my ego with me,you can do nothing ”

“Ok wait, just imagine, imagine a small beachside house, surrounded by coconut trees, sound of waves touching the seashore. And After a tiring football match our kids and him come home for a glass of juice. After having their juice, kids run away. But he, he walks closer to me. Closer he comes. Closer , Closer. He puts his arms around my waist pulls me near. I look away. He held me tight in his arms. Turns my face towards him. Eyes locked. Our nose touched. I smiled. He slowly tilted his head right and we”

“Hiiii” I hear a voice.
It was my friend. She continued “i am so so so sorry. I am late. Anyways meet my husband.”

I smiled at them and my heart smiled at me and said “Some Love Stories Are Better Finite